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Change is good. Moving on is powerful. Both can make my heart pound with fear. I like consistency, routine, and predictability, however flimsy they all are. But alas, nothing good ever came out of stagnancy and it is time for me to move on. Physically.

Sunday, moving trucks will move my endless piles of boxes and not such endless amount of furniture into my brand new home.

And although the butterflies of fear are doing a mean dance in my general abdominal area something much more powerful is dancing in my heart; gratitude, excitement, and just the all encompassing  feeling of wanting to  squeal.

I am filled with joy and the prospect of living in a space big (enough), new, and full of decor’ opportunity; a home where everything we own will have a place to belong.

I am also filled with a tremendous amount of gratitude. Mainly for my wonderful husband who has the same dreams and aspirations as I do and will do anything to help them  happen, for my beautiful children who keep me going and are doing there fair share of squealing, and for the many little things in life that I sometimes take for granted.

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I will be out of the office and kept busy with my move and Passover for the next three weeks. I will be back in April 8th. I will try to check my emails periodically so reach out if you need me. :)

f e a t u r e d .

March 11, 2010

I am being featured on The Maternal Lens blog!

The Maternal Lens is a great photography blog created by 5 talented photographers. I have been following it for quite some time and find it fun, inspiring, and informative.

Thank you TML for featuring me. I feel honored.


This dashing young man kept us all on our toes! He is so vibrant, happy, and active. He is also lucky to have such wonderful and loving parents.I had a really hard time deciding which images to share as the sneak peak as there were so many I love! Here are just a sampling.