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Magic. That is the one word I can use to sum up this session. Not the pulling a bunny out of a hat magic, but more of a heart bursting, lung sighing, take me to a place where all is happy, kind of magic.

These boys were full of both a quiet depth of stillness that fills up mountains of space, and a burst of passionate enthusiasm that leaves in awe anyone in it’s wake. As a family all of them were so wonderfully connected it humbled me, and made me hug my kids a little tighter.

J Family I am happy that you enjoyed the session as much as I did, and am happy to share a little piece of the magic we captured together.




I often challenge myself to find an answer to why someone would want to book a Custom Photography Experience with me.

Words have been bouncing around in my brain lately so I decided to blog some random answers that may help you out. :)

1. Because I am jealous of my clients for having such an experience. I want someone to capture my family and our connections  that way. (any takers?)

2. Because one Mom told me after her session- ” I thought I was going to come home wiped out and completely exhausted. Instead I came home invigorated, refreshed, and so happy.”

3. Because as a Mommy, every time I walk past or look at images I took of my kids, my heart beats a little faster. Every.  single. time.

4. Because childhood is so fleeting. All I want to do is capture it’s essence using your child’s personality, and your family’s connections as my sole subject.

5. Because I absolutely love my job and I can’t wait to meet you and your family.


oh, and what’s a blog post without some images?