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Today I am grateful. Today I take the love and wonder hidden inside me and I try not to take it for granted. Often I forget. I am very human, and yes my kids tantrum and can be, well, kids. But today I will smile instead of sigh. Today I will try to  close my eyes, inhale, and think of the wondrous gifts I have been granted. Mostly the gift of my being here, today.

Earlier this week my friend and fellow photographer Kathy has lost her battle to cancer. I knew it was coming, refreshed her blog like a madman, and couldn’t stop thinking about her. But still I was unprepared for it when I found out. It was as if someone came and punched me in the gut. It hurt. hard.  And all I wanted to do was curl myself up and cry.  Worse was thinking about her beautiful baby girl, loving husband, and wonderful family, and how they must be hurting.

Kathy had such a strong strength and spirit about her. She gave this battle her very all. Yes cancer took her away from us, but she didn’t lose the battle. She won by inspiring many, many people with her  fierce will to fight and hang onto hope and life.

Just one image that I have to share today. Just because it took by breath away and so adequately expresses what I feel.

Boy am I grateful. I am grateful that I got to photograph these beautiful and vivacious boys. I am grateful that their wonderful Mom was so in-tuned to my style and vision and helped me plan it. I am grateful that after weeks of planning this shoot we pulled it off  amongst giggles, sun drenched acres, and sweet pleadings for more candy.

L., here is just a teeny tiny sampling of the sunshine we captured.

Pardon me dear blog readers as I stuggle to catch my breath.

I have been too busy inhaling the scent of  summer to blog.

Well, not really. I have been breathlessly busy playing and working. For me it is one thing as I am lucky to feel like my work is play.

Thankfully not busy enough to have stopped me from getting some summer snaps of my duo.