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There is nothing in the world quite as pure or fresh as a new bundle of life. Nothing.

Sometimes though that sense of joy and awe is overwhelmed by utter fatigue, exhaustion, and constant care.

Not here. This little princess is lucky to have the calmest Mommy I have ever met.

I so enjoyed spending time with all of you yesterday and am looking forward to our Experience together in the winter!

Enjoy this little sneak peak for now.

Amidst the mountains of work I find myself in I took a little breather to share some exciting upcoming events!

ONE: Two of my images were chosen to be part of the “Small Matters of Great Importance” Exhibit in the Edward Hopper House Art Center of Nyack, NY. Unfortunately I will not be able to make the reception but if you want to come see my work and the exhibit shoot me an email. I would love to meet you there!

TWO: I will be running a silent auction with a chance to win $1000 towards my photography at the Upper Saddle River Historical Society’s Hopper-Goetschius museum!

When: Sunday October 17, 1:00 to 4:00 pm

Where: On the corner of West Saddle River Road and Lake Street, in Upper Saddle River, NJ

What: Family fun day! Activities will include-a petting zoo, pony rides, cider pressing, a demonstration of spinning,  weaving a coverlet on a large loom, lace makers, embroiderers, wood carver, rug braider, a woman in colonial garb doing open hearth cooking in the out kitchen, games for children, and tours of the museum.

Artwork, wreaths and cornucopias, antiques and collectibles, museum items for sale, and the silent auction will also be present.

Admission: $2 for adults. Kids are free.

I would love to see you there! Come over and say hello! And don’t forget to bid. You may be the lucky winner. :)

“hehe.” That is me squealing over this session. But rather than a  gentle chuckley  squeal is more like the sound of the world ignited into rainbows of vibrant light.  At least that is what it feels like.

These beautiful little bundles of personality are so lucky to have a Mommy that has such a unique gift in finding them the cutest and most timeless clothes!  So am I.

See for yourself.

O family there’s are a whole lot of squeal worthy ones that I can’t wait to show you! Thank you for such a beautiful day!

Thank you Kay, Pat, and Emes Bus Transportation for making this session possible.

There is just something about this image that reminds me of Norman Rockwell’s work. An artist whose work I idolize.

When I think of this beautiful family the word Content bounces around in my mind. The kind of content happiness that has the ability to fill mountains of space. The kind that bubbles into occasional giggles, spontaneous hugs, and a sweet calmness that engulfs you with its entirety. I was totally in awe of this beautiful family and for once I was at a loss of words to describe why. All I could think of is that enviable contentedness that makes them all so wonderfully special.

K Family, It was so fun and special spending time with you yesterday. I feel blessed to have met you all.