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I have been busy. Busy thinking, planning, dreaming, and doing. I look forward to some great changes and amazing shoots in the coming months for Z. Berkovic Photography.

While going through and organizing my portfolio I fell in love with these beauties all over again. Here are some more of my favorites from their shoot.

My little girl. Her laugh is infectious, her hugs endearing, her kisses wet, and her imagination endless. Her world seems to be alive with every hue of pink and purple, glitter and sparkle, and crayon scribbled hearts and stars. Every now and then she humors me and allows me to try and capture her essence. I am so grateful that she also allows me to attempt to photograph the heart of being a little girl; anywhere, anytime.

These were taken at a family vacation a little while ago, but waited patiently for me to share them. She bargained with me to carry her around in exchange for posing for me. I think I got the better half of the deal. :)

There lives a quiet unrest in me. Always. Sometimes it festers and thrashes about, other times it silently pulses in a slow steady and happy rhythm.

I am grateful for its existence. It is the voice inside of me that drives me against stagnancy, and pushes me like the gushing of water to constantly change, grow, and create.

Every now and then though I need to stop and really listen. I need to ensure that I am not just merely running to the beat of the voices of others surrounding me. I need to know that I am rushing to arrive somewhere. Maybe not to an ultimate destination, but to the next stop on this journey I call life.

And so I am giving myself a little of that time. I will be slowing down a bit for month of November as I try to find and define myself again. I hope to listen to that persistent voice  in my head and heart, as I reorganize and take stock of who I am, and where I am heading, as a person, artist, and business owner.

If you want to schedule an Experience with me or have any other questions about my work feel free to contact me.


Disclaimer: I was quite amused to hear that this blog post has been read and interpreted differently then what it was written as. To all those of you that were concerned I assure you that my marital, emotional, and physical state is faring wonderfully. I just wish all the speculation would have at least garnished me a free bowl of chicken soup. :)

A blog post without images is just not the same. Some more of my favorites from the school themed family shoot.