love and more laughter.

March 29, 2011

Love, laughter, family and friendship was what this shoot was all about.  Jen Snyder is a wonderful and old friend of mine, and I am so lucky she entrusted me to capture the essence of her beautiful family!

Check out her work here

I have SO many I want to share. I will share a bit at a time so each one can be savored and enjoyed.


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    Karen wrote: simply amazing!! (03/29/11, 2:12 pm)

    Megan wrote: oh, I LOVE these!! beautiful family and beautiful images. Love the simplicity of them. Just gorgeous! (03/29/11, 2:19 pm)

    Beth wrote: Beautiful. Bright and carefree and happy pictures. I love them. (03/29/11, 2:47 pm)

    Amy wrote: Wonderful Session. Jen your family is just stunning.. (03/29/11, 3:01 pm)

    Kara Layfield wrote: Oh my goodness these are fantastic!! Jen - you must be over the moon in love with these. (03/29/11, 3:16 pm)

    Audrey Litfin wrote: Such a great gift you have Zoe!! These are beautiful! :) (03/29/11, 3:31 pm)

    Kerry Siereveld wrote: Absolutely STUNNING Zoe!!!! Jen and her family are just adorable!!! Really great work! (03/29/11, 3:48 pm)

    Esther @ flair wrote: What a loving family! The light on these is heavenly. Love the cleanliness of this session. Awesome! (03/29/11, 4:01 pm)

    amy wrote: what a fun session!!! love these so much...jen your family is adorable!! awesome job zoe!!! (03/29/11, 7:47 pm)

    Shelly Shelton wrote: Zoe, these are amazing! Love the light and the love you have captured between Jen and her family! Jen, these are going to look INCREDIBLE hanging in your home. They are perfect, I bet you cried when you saw them! (03/29/11, 8:43 pm)

    Gail Montgomery wrote: Oh Zoe - you've captured Jen's GORGEOUS family so perfectly! I ADORE every single one of these!!! (03/29/11, 8:51 pm)

    Danielle Frank wrote: These are terrific! I love the interaction you captured! Beautiful! (03/29/11, 9:22 pm)

    Tammy Wahl wrote: Wow Zoe and Jen, these are fantastic! Jen - is this your house? So cool! (03/29/11, 11:19 pm)

    Jodi wrote: These are GORGEOUS! (03/30/11, 1:18 am)

    Rachel Aberle wrote: Zoe, how you captured the joy and fun within is amazing. Jen, your family is beautiful. (03/30/11, 11:25 am)