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Once upon a time.

March 6, 2012

My work is in the Babiekins magazine this month. Go check it out here.
Thanks you Stacie, Lauren, and all the wonderful models for making this shoot so magical.

I was looking forward to sharing these for a while. I shot these with a story in mind. Stay with me as I tell it.

(soft and slow background music.)

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful little girl who loved to dance.

Sadly every now and then a tiny rotten worm of doubt would crawl into her mind.

She needed a reminder to believe. “Believe in yourself, believe in the talent you were granted, believe in your ability to shine.”

So she believed. She believed in her hard work. She believed in her dreams coming true.

The little girl along with her wonderful friends put up a show like they never have before.

Every now and then when that little worm of doubt came back for a visit she remembered to believe.

I look forward to sharing round two with lots of my favorite images from the shoot.