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June 19, 2012

So many changes.

1. I am now being represented by the wonderful Monaco Reps. Check out my portfolio here.

2. I regretfully will not be taking on any new family sessions at this time as I focus on my commercial work.

3. I am no longer doing any one on one mentoring. I am so proud of the success and amazing progress my ‘mentees’ have made in both their businesses and art.

4. Being that I love teaching and sincerely want others to be successful I am offering a ONE time workshop this summer focusing on perfecting your work and making your family photography business prosper. (See details below.)

I look forward to seeing where these next few months will take me.

Shine on.


Wait! What’s a post without an image?

An old image but new favorite of mine.



June 13, 2012

After much deliberation I give in. I am doing ONE amazing workshop this summer. If you want in contact me now!

Oh Baby!

June 6, 2012

These are testament to how much I love my job. I would be crazy not to.

Thanks to Melissa  and Rachel for the amazing mobile and background art!


What is it about little girls that makes my heart melt? See why.

Thank you to some amazing handmade toy designers for letting me use their talented work in my shoot. Check out the wood dolls, striped doll, wood blocks, and sewn dolls!