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October 21, 2013

Take a peek!


June 13, 2012

After much deliberation I give in. I am doing ONE amazing workshop this summer. If you want in contact me now!


April 8, 2011

My new site, look, and portfolio finally all came together and just went live.

For me this is a huge milestone. An arriving to the next peak in the mountain. I look back and see the amount I had struggled yet joyfully climbed. I though look forward and see many more mountains to climb. The thought both makes my heart beat like a drum, and pumps me with sweet anticipation.

I look forward to the next bit of climbing and hope you will follow me through it.

Take a couple of minutes to look through my new site and portfolio. Feel free to share your thoughts.

Shine on, (or better climb on,)



There lives a quiet unrest in me. Always. Sometimes it festers and thrashes about, other times it silently pulses in a slow steady and happy rhythm.

I am grateful for its existence. It is the voice inside of me that drives me against stagnancy, and pushes me like the gushing of water to constantly change, grow, and create.

Every now and then though I need to stop and really listen. I need to ensure that I am not just merely running to the beat of the voices of others surrounding me. I need to know that I am rushing to arrive somewhere. Maybe not to an ultimate destination, but to the next stop on this journey I call life.

And so I am giving myself a little of that time. I will be slowing down a bit for month of November as I try to find and define myself again. I hope to listen to that persistent voice  in my head and heart, as I reorganize and take stock of who I am, and where I am heading, as a person, artist, and business owner.

If you want to schedule an Experience with me or have any other questions about my work feel free to contact me.


Disclaimer: I was quite amused to hear that this blog post has been read and interpreted differently then what it was written as. To all those of you that were concerned I assure you that my marital, emotional, and physical state is faring wonderfully. I just wish all the speculation would have at least garnished me a free bowl of chicken soup. :)

A blog post without images is just not the same. Some more of my favorites from the school themed family shoot.

Today I am grateful. Today I take the love and wonder hidden inside me and I try not to take it for granted. Often I forget. I am very human, and yes my kids tantrum and can be, well, kids. But today I will smile instead of sigh. Today I will try to  close my eyes, inhale, and think of the wondrous gifts I have been granted. Mostly the gift of my being here, today.

Earlier this week my friend and fellow photographer Kathy has lost her battle to cancer. I knew it was coming, refreshed her blog like a madman, and couldn’t stop thinking about her. But still I was unprepared for it when I found out. It was as if someone came and punched me in the gut. It hurt. hard.  And all I wanted to do was curl myself up and cry.  Worse was thinking about her beautiful baby girl, loving husband, and wonderful family, and how they must be hurting.

Kathy had such a strong strength and spirit about her. She gave this battle her very all. Yes cancer took her away from us, but she didn’t lose the battle. She won by inspiring many, many people with her  fierce will to fight and hang onto hope and life.

Just one image that I have to share today. Just because it took by breath away and so adequately expresses what I feel.

I often challenge myself to find an answer to why someone would want to book a Custom Photography Experience with me.

Words have been bouncing around in my brain lately so I decided to blog some random answers that may help you out. :)

1. Because I am jealous of my clients for having such an experience. I want someone to capture my family and our connections  that way. (any takers?)

2. Because one Mom told me after her session- ” I thought I was going to come home wiped out and completely exhausted. Instead I came home invigorated, refreshed, and so happy.”

3. Because as a Mommy, every time I walk past or look at images I took of my kids, my heart beats a little faster. Every.  single. time.

4. Because childhood is so fleeting. All I want to do is capture it’s essence using your child’s personality, and your family’s connections as my sole subject.

5. Because I absolutely love my job and I can’t wait to meet you and your family.


oh, and what’s a blog post without some images?




Change is good. Moving on is powerful. Both can make my heart pound with fear. I like consistency, routine, and predictability, however flimsy they all are. But alas, nothing good ever came out of stagnancy and it is time for me to move on. Physically.

Sunday, moving trucks will move my endless piles of boxes and not such endless amount of furniture into my brand new home.

And although the butterflies of fear are doing a mean dance in my general abdominal area something much more powerful is dancing in my heart; gratitude, excitement, and just the all encompassing  feeling of wanting to  squeal.

I am filled with joy and the prospect of living in a space big (enough), new, and full of decor’ opportunity; a home where everything we own will have a place to belong.

I am also filled with a tremendous amount of gratitude. Mainly for my wonderful husband who has the same dreams and aspirations as I do and will do anything to help them  happen, for my beautiful children who keep me going and are doing there fair share of squealing, and for the many little things in life that I sometimes take for granted.

Follow my quest to document 100 things I am thankful for on twitter.
I will be out of the office and kept busy with my move and Passover for the next three weeks. I will be back in April 8th. I will try to check my emails periodically so reach out if you need me. :)

f e a t u r e d .

March 11, 2010

I am being featured on The Maternal Lens blog!

The Maternal Lens is a great photography blog created by 5 talented photographers. I have been following it for quite some time and find it fun, inspiring, and informative.

Thank you TML for featuring me. I feel honored.


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