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Just a little bit of summer

February 19, 2013

I had to go through a lot of my old images for something I am working on and came across these. I played a bit of hooky from work and worked on them a bit.



February 20, 2012

Lots of wonderful new things are happening here. I look forward to sharing all of it. Right now though, I am busy getting intoxicated by baby smell.  I can’t get enough of this little miracle, and I can’t wait to see where these feet will take him.

I will be on leave for a bit. Feel free to contact me with any inquiries while I am out.

clowning around.

March 8, 2011

sweet slumber.

March 2, 2011

I intended to sit down and blog with some fancy words tonight. But after a full days work fatigue has set in and took hold of my abilities.  Slight wisps of prose drift by in my semi-conscious mind as if taunting me to collect them and string them into something cohesive, poetic even.  I am amused that with my brain so sluggish and my eyelids so heavy I have succeeded.  Somewhat.

Ironically the images are in sync with my sleepiness theme.

My little girl. Her laugh is infectious, her hugs endearing, her kisses wet, and her imagination endless. Her world seems to be alive with every hue of pink and purple, glitter and sparkle, and crayon scribbled hearts and stars. Every now and then she humors me and allows me to try and capture her essence. I am so grateful that she also allows me to attempt to photograph the heart of being a little girl; anywhere, anytime.

These were taken at a family vacation a little while ago, but waited patiently for me to share them. She bargained with me to carry her around in exchange for posing for me. I think I got the better half of the deal. :)