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June 19, 2012

So many changes.

1. I am now being represented by the wonderful Monaco Reps. Check out my portfolio here.

2. I regretfully will not be taking on any new family sessions at this time as I focus on my commercial work.

3. I am no longer doing any one on one mentoring. I am so proud of the success and amazing progress my ‘mentees’ have made in both their businesses and art.

4. Being that I love teaching and sincerely want others to be successful I am offering a ONE time workshop this summer focusing on perfecting your work and making your family photography business prosper. (See details below.)

I look forward to seeing where these next few months will take me.

Shine on.


Wait! What’s a post without an image?

An old image but new favorite of mine.



June 13, 2012

After much deliberation I give in. I am doing ONE amazing workshop this summer. If you want in contact me now!

Fun Features!

June 27, 2011

Some awesome stuff has been happening here as of late.

1. I am featured today of this beautiful new blog- Let the Kids Dress Themselves. There is some awesome photography on there and I feel honored that they asked me to add my work to their collection of blog posts.

Check out my feature here.

2. I have been asked to be featured on The Lens Love. Another blog that features photographers work!

Check out the feature here.

They both independently chose the same shoot to feature!

3. I was invited to do a bit of mentoring and answering questions for the Bloom Workshop.
Check out some of the details here.

Shine on!

Oh sweetness. It is a shame I had only a bit of time to spend with this little beauty. But sometimes that is all we need. Her personality oozed out of her and spilled all over the captures in no time at all.

Amidst the mountains of work I find myself in I took a little breather to share some exciting upcoming events!

ONE: Two of my images were chosen to be part of the “Small Matters of Great Importance” Exhibit in the Edward Hopper House Art Center of Nyack, NY. Unfortunately I will not be able to make the reception but if you want to come see my work and the exhibit shoot me an email. I would love to meet you there!

TWO: I will be running a silent auction with a chance to win $1000 towards my photography at the Upper Saddle River Historical Society’s Hopper-Goetschius museum!

When: Sunday October 17, 1:00 to 4:00 pm

Where: On the corner of West Saddle River Road and Lake Street, in Upper Saddle River, NJ

What: Family fun day! Activities will include-a petting zoo, pony rides, cider pressing, a demonstration of spinning,  weaving a coverlet on a large loom, lace makers, embroiderers, wood carver, rug braider, a woman in colonial garb doing open hearth cooking in the out kitchen, games for children, and tours of the museum.

Artwork, wreaths and cornucopias, antiques and collectibles, museum items for sale, and the silent auction will also be present.

Admission: $2 for adults. Kids are free.

I would love to see you there! Come over and say hello! And don’t forget to bid. You may be the lucky winner. :)

“hehe.” That is me squealing over this session. But rather than a  gentle chuckley  squeal is more like the sound of the world ignited into rainbows of vibrant light.  At least that is what it feels like.

These beautiful little bundles of personality are so lucky to have a Mommy that has such a unique gift in finding them the cutest and most timeless clothes!  So am I.

See for yourself.

O family there’s are a whole lot of squeal worthy ones that I can’t wait to show you! Thank you for such a beautiful day!

Thank you Kay, Pat, and Emes Bus Transportation for making this session possible.

There is just something about this image that reminds me of Norman Rockwell’s work. An artist whose work I idolize.

I have tremendous gratitude to all the wonderful families that took part of the mini sessions. I love that they allowed me combine  their beautiful children with sun, smiles, twirls, and kisses to create art that will last a lifetime and beyond.

All of you were so wonderful. Thank you for giving me a chance in being part of documenting this time in your families lives. I have so many favorites and can’t wait to show them all to all of you!

Just a little tease from the sessions for now.


This post is a tribute to my elementary school English teacher and to her beautiful and delightful bunch.  Let the images tell the story as words will not suffice.







lil’ man.

May 3, 2010

You know how the world is all happy and friendly when the sun is out and a pleasant breeze is ruffling through your hair? This family reminded me of just such a day; So easy and pleasant and sunny. Although the day was hot, sticky, and humid our session together was a real treat.







What is Custom Photography?

I am a professional child and family custom photographer.

If you are raising your eyebrows, or hear the word “huh?” bouncing around in your mind you are not alone.

Even if you are a custom photographer yourself, I challenge you to define Custom Photography so that any English speaking individual can understand it.

I laughed to myself when someone challenged me to do just that. Sure I can define what I do. (Self-assured giggle.) But when I defined it, my words were a whole sack of fancy terms that meant nothing to someone that has never come in contact with Custom Portraiture. My smile froze on my face.

So what IS Custom Photography?

Custom Photography is about a luxurious and fun experience that culminates with you getting artistic images that captured your children and family’s unique relationships, personalities, and moments.

It is all about the experience. From start to finish; it is all customized for you.

It is about creating something wonderful together with a professional that you will be able to display in your home and will have the ability to make you happy over and over again.

(See the process. section of the info tab on my site here to read a bit about how the experience goes.)

Um. I am still not sure I know what that means. (blush.)

Let me explain.

When I tell people what I do, I am often asked- “Oh, so you do professional pictures like JcPenny?”


Custom Photography is very different than having your pictures taken at JcPenny.

How so?

Let’s compare it to eating out in a pizza shop vs. a high end Italian restaurant. (Yeah, I love Italian food. :op)

When you go to a local pizza shop you get just that; pizza. Or whatever else you fancy.
You wait on line, make your order, pay the cashier, and sit down to eat. Done.

When you go to a high end restaurant it is much more than that.

It is an experience.

It is all about the ambiance, the tone and mood the decor sets. It is about feeling pampered and served, and it is about the tantalizing meal delivered to perfection.

So what does pizza have to do with photography?

JcPenny and other such photography businesses are about the pictures. You have a couple of minutes to set up your kids or family, hope the person behind the camera will be patient enough to wait until you get some smiles , you get to order your photo sheets and it is over. It is a simple process, like eating in a pizza shop.

Custom Photography is like the restaurant; it is about the whole experience. It is a luxurious experience that is enjoyable throughout the process.

Only with the restaurant you go out with a happy heart and a full belly, having immensely enjoyed the experience. But then it is over, and all you have is the memory to hold on to, and maybe a pound or two.
With Custom Photography you come out of the experience not only full and happy; but with priceless images of your family to hold on to forever.

Wow! It does sound like Custom Photography is a wonderful thing, but I can’t afford luxuries.

I understand.

Often we have only certain things that we will spend on.

For some it is vacations, for some it is cars, for some it is clothes, and for some it is our homes. For each of us it may be something else.

All wonderful things. Most of them fleeting.

Custom Photography results in artistic and timeless images that have the ability to make us happy again and again. Images that professionally capture way more than what your’ loved ones look like, but capture what they are like. Every time I look at Custom images created of my family my heart smiles. I never get tired of it. And neither will you.

It is also about capturing your family and loved ones as they are now. Now never comes back. What you have captured lasts forever.

Ok, I am convinced. I am just curious, are all Custom Photographers the same?

Are all restaurants the same?

Not at all.

There are all different kinds of food genres to satisfy all different kinds of tastes. There are so many Master Custom Photographers out there all with their own unique flavor.

Some are masters at creating the right experience; some are masters at creating the final product. Some are both. (wink,wink)

I venture to say some are not masters at all. (running to hide now.)

Finding a Custom Photographer that will give you the high quality experience and images you deserve can be hard. Tips and ways to go about it is for a whole other discussion.

For now, contact me if you want to start your Custom Photography experience with me today.

I look forward to our time together.


Photographers, feel free to use this on your blogs, just as long as you credit me back with a link. :)